Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Portland Timbers steamroll over LA Galaxy 3-1, snarktography persists

This last Sunday, August 6, I was yet again blessed with the ability to sit in the south end and swoon at my Timbers, and this time, they were defeating the LA Galaxy! Oh, how splendid a day to watch from so close the players' epic conquest, the ref who doesn't know how far the distance of 10 yards actually is, the people who didn't bring sunblock, and a storm of sunflowers cascading from the Timbers Army. What a magical day I tell you... well... except for the HUMIDITY. I am certainly glad the Portland boys won 3-1 because otherwise I would have shaken my fist in indignation for having to sit in a pool of sweat for three hours just to watch a loss. Shows they finally know what's good for them. Let's hope it continues. From the aforementioned match, here are a few images and accompanying comments that try too hard.

More serious coverage with more of my photos: Kip Kesgard's match analysis.

"It's so freakin' humid! BLARRRRRFFFFFF."

timbers army prematch no pity

diego chara, jake gleeson
"Hmm. Who *did* eat all the pies?"

gleeson, zardes, mcinerney
Find the following: 1) a decapitation attempt; 2) a handball; 3) a derpy look; 4) half a man; 5) Waldo

jack mcinerney, david guzman, fanendo adi, diego chara
Somebody needs a hug!

liam ridgewell
"He's doing it again, isn't he?"

david guzman, emmanuel boateng
"Nobody move! I lost a contact lens!"

timbers army, north end, providence park

alvas powell, brian rowe
I finally got a good one of a goal. It's a miracle.

darlington nagbe
"And on the main stage, it's Naaaaaaaaags. Don't forget to tip your waitstaff..."

la galaxy

darren mattocks, dave romney
Yeah, um, okay...

david guzman, diego valeri
How far is this supposed to be again?

timbers army, portland timbers

sunflower carnage
Pure carnage.