Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Week in Gresham

Looking to go out-and-about in fabulous Gresham this week and just don't know where to start? Have no fear, you only need to take a look at our new comprehensive guide to discover the hottest happenings in Portland's stylish suburb paradise.

Local artist reminiscent of international icon Banksy
Gresham residents have been treated to a stimulating new educational art installment located on the border of the Rockwood Neighborhood. For a limited time, Man's Greatest Achievement is available for viewing by critics, the public and school field trips. With a focus on anatomical science, this masterpiece delights the eyes and the intellect!

Cost: Free

Hours: All, Sun-Sat

Other: Photo opportunities, ample neighborhood parking, public transit accessible, suitable for all ages.



Bark while in park.
Fridays are free concert days this spring in Wilkes East! The up-and-coming musical act, Rampent Neglekt, has been surprising Gresham residents with vibrant impromptu performances.

The talented vocalist relies on elevated-volume, classic blues melodies accompanied by the endless clanking of an idling diesel engine. You'll never know when and where this innovative act will appear next so keep your eyes--and ears--peeled!

Cost: Free

Location: Construction zone on the border of Portland/Gresham

Hours: Approximately 12:00 noon, performance duration 90-120 minutes

Other: Squirrel Circus opening act, food encouraged, not suitable for cats.



Gresham Independent Pharmaceutical Distributors are seeking participants for an upcoming drug trial of a newly-found medication.* This exciting development could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, and we need your help!
You too could earn a generous daily stipend of 144 aluminum cans if you qualify. Contact us today.

Age requirement: Be 35-85, or just look like it.

Location: Outside that apartment complex on Glisan that always smells like weed and has cop cars parked around the corner.

Hours: Every day after dark

Transportation: Plenty of bicycle w/attached child trailer parking.

*Newly-found medication actually discovered outside as pictured on grass next to curb. Some words on packaging changed to protect patent holder.

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